Consultations and written statements

Consultations and written statements

What we offer

We draft written statements and reports on taxation that are required for your operations or that you need to present to the owners, potential investors, and partners.  

Financial Due Diligence for planned acquisitions. 

This includes:

  • Review of financial reports, accounting policies and documents;
  • Review of existing agreements with customers, suppliers, and employees aiming to assess their effect on the assets, liabilities, income and expenses of the acquired company;
  • Assessment of tax risks resulting from previous transactions;
  • Assessment of results related to the acquisition – tax and accounting effects.

CAST Consultations & written statements

We help you focus on your main goal – the growth of your business – by taking care of your financial and accounting affairs and your tax planning. For more than two decades we have been providing outstanding services to our clients.

Our Company has worked for more than 20 years in the field of accounting, independent financial auditing and software development.  

CAST Consult Ltd was set up in 1997. At first we specialised mostly in independent financial auditing of companies and accounting software development. Later on, we expanded our scope and now we provide a wide assortment of professional financial, accounting, consulting, auditing, and other related services.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

The financial Due Diligence is a review of the financial statement of a company at a specific date; it includes an assessment of the tax risks resulting from the accounting and tax treatment of past events and assessment of the tax and accounting effects of a potential future acquisition.