Administrative services

Administrative services

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If a company exceeds the established intracommunity trade thresholds, it is required to register as an intrastat operator and submit monthly reports to the NRA;  


We issue income invoices on behalf of your company,

Online banking

We load payment orders for tax and insurance liabilities and settlement of commercial debts.

Report filing under the Occupational Health and Safety Act

A statement under Section 15 of OHSA must be filed on an annual basis, not later than April 30, if there are any changes in the circumstances.

Filing the annual financial statement in the Commercial Register and publishing the financial reports  

We file the annual financial statements of the companies whose statements we have signed and which are subject to filing in the CR. On our website we publish the annual financial statements of the companies that are not required to file them with the CR.  

CAST Administrative service

We help you focus on your main goal – the growth of your business – by taking care of your financial and accounting affairs and your tax planning. For more than two decades we have been providing outstanding services to our clients.

Our Company has worked for more than 20 years in the field of accounting, independent financial auditing and software development.  

CAST Consult Ltd was set up in 1997. At first we specialised mostly in independent financial auditing of companies and accounting software development. Later on, we expanded our scope and now we provide a wide assortment of professional financial, accounting, consulting, auditing, and other related services.  

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