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CAST Software

Accounting system CAST reflects our vision for realization of information model of accounting activity. This is a base system without any unusual for the accountancy information and activity. The technology of its construction makes it easy to be supplemented and developed according to the needs of enterprise. The systems allow free defining of chart of accounts. A base principle is to synchronize it according to the needs and understandings of the accountant for the accounting, not the accountant to work by rules made up by the system. The user interface is friendly and intuitive, which significantly facilitates the accountants. The software is build with advanced technologies and works on Oracle Database. This provides high level of reliability of data and security of access. It support big volume of data, so all accounting information back in years is available, no matter how big is the company. The system can work with a distant working places without requirement of high speed communication.

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The accounting software is paid on the basis of the number of users. There is a one-off payment for the license for use and annual fees for maintenance and support. The fee for the first year is proportionate to the number of months in which the software will be used. You can find more details in our price list.