Management accounting(CFO for hire)

Management accounting(CFO for hire)

What we offer

Your business is growing and expanding in a dynamic environment and you need timely financial information in order to run your operations effectively. However, the annual financial statements prepared in accordance with the accounting standards do not meet these requirements. Together, we can develop reporting system that contain the information you need. These may include monthly reporting of results and distribution of expenses per type of activity, projects, markets, and other appropriate parameters. We will present the information in a legible and convenient form.  

This is a service that sets financial, accounting, and operating guidelines for your business and helps you with your planning, goal execution, and timely operating decision making.  

We prepare:

  • Management reports;
  • Budgets;
  • Forecasts;
  • Comparison of planned and achieved results; 
  • Analyses.

CAST Management accounting

We help you focus on your main goal – the growth of your business – by taking care of your financial and accounting affairs and your tax planning. For more than two decades we have been providing outstanding services to our clients.

Our Company has worked for more than 20 years in the field of accounting, independent financial auditing and software development.  

CAST Consult Ltd was set up in 1997. At first we specialised mostly in independent financial auditing of companies and accounting software development. Later on, we expanded our scope and now we provide a wide assortment of professional financial, accounting, consulting, auditing, and other related services.  

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This is a service providing financial, accounting, and operating guidelines for your business. We prepare management reports, budgets and other information required for the management of your business.